About Us

Hello and Welcome to Living Grounded. My name is Theresa and I am building a tribe of people working at improving their life and the lives of those around them. Through self-discovery, energy healing, community support and overall positive vibes, my goal is to help guide you from a lower vibrational state of fear or anger to a more healthy, higher state of courage, love and acceptance. My goal is to help you live grounded each day by creating habits that honor your authentic self and bring your light to all those you engage with.


  • If you enjoy talking about alignment, scale of consciousness, energy healing, past lives, meditation and the subconscious…you belong here!
  • If you want to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears…you belong here.
  • if you occasionally get a weird look from your friends and family when you mention getting in the vortex or talking about brain heart coherence… you belong here!
  • If you enjoy discussing the work and insight of David Hawkins and Joe Dispenza, appreciate the honesty and vulnerability of Brene Brown, the humor and warmth of Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Vitale, the kindness and inspiration of Rebecca Campbell and so many more, then you will love being part of the Living Grounded community.

As part of the Living Grounded tribe, you will receive tons of FREE worksheets, affirmations, journal prompts, Ebooks and so much more.

We will work on the tough stuff that keeps you from becoming your best self and provide real strategies to move from fear to love, to clear blocks and negative patterns. We will dig deep on subconscious limiting beliefs and provide the tools and resources to support you in taking action and create lasting change.

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